Who is YaYa?

Several years ago we celebrated the birth of our first grandchild. As a young toddler she could not pronounce “Grandma” and instead called me YaYa. I have since become YaYa to all my family and friends and that is how the name YaYa’s Yum Yums was created.

I began baking dog treats after one of the 3 amigos became very ill and was diagnosed with a large, cancerous tumor. The vet said he wouldn’t live long and suggested that I might try to improve his diet as means of comfort. I prepared him whole-food meals that were organic and non-processed, similar to the meals I prepared for my family. At the same time I began experimenting with my first dog treat recipes. Soon the dog began to look and feel better. He became active, playful, and lived an additional 2 years as a normal, healthy pet. I realized then that proper diet was very important and I began to work on perfecting my dog treats and desserts.

I’m proud to sell a product that is wholesome and has made my pets happy and healthy for a very long time!


YaYa’s Yum Yums always uses the freshest, organic human grade food ingredients available. We always begin with organic oats and organic flour that is wheat and gluten free. Every fruit and vegetable we use is fresh, never preprocessed. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are ever added to our Yum Yums.

Like the people in our families, our pet’s health and wellbeing is effected by the foods they eat. That is why it is so important to provide them with a diet that is free of the artificial colors, additives, and preservatives that so often lead to skin ailments and allergic reactions. At YaYa’s Yum Yums we are dedicated to promoting and maintaining the optimal health, wellness, and happiness of your K-9 family members by providing organic, all natural gourmet doggie treats and desserts.